Destination Pakistan Guide

Destination Pakistan Guide

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Islamabad: The Modern Capital City of Pakistan Islamabad is the modern capital city of Pakistan. It is nestled in the north of the Potohar Plateau, at the foothill of the Margalla Hills. At an elevation of 507 meters above sea level, this vibrant city is strategically located in the heart of Pakistan. Moreover, the city […]

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Impact of tourism

Impacts of Tourism

Tourism has strong direct, indirect and induced impacts on local communities either positive or negative in aspect. The scale of impacts of tourism can often vary from country to country based on the structure of the tourism sector and how well tourism activities are linked with the local economy. The positive and negative impacts of Tourism

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TOURISM – A BRIEF OVERVIEW “Tourism” is a concept coined lately as compared to “Travel” which has roots deeply penetrated into the human history. Travel has fascinated man from the very beginning. In fact, from the ancient times, travel has been an important social activity of human. People traveled on foot to hunt, to explore

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Key Facts about Pakistan


Exploring Pakistan: A Treasure Trove of Diverse Experiences Pakistan stands as an exceptional and blessed nation, graced with some of Asia’s most breathtaking landscapes. Its geography is as varied as its rich cultures, and its people are known for their warm hospitality. In the realm of discovering the roots of modern-day humanity, few places on

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History and development of tourism

History of Tourism

The Evolution of Tourism: A Journey Through Time and Trends In the annals of human history, the concept of tourism has roots that stretch far beyond the 18th-century coinage of the term itself. Since the earliest days of human civilization, people have embarked on journeys for various reasons. Initially, it was the primal quest for

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UNESCO World Heritage Sites Of Pakistan

UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Pakistan

UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Pakistan – A Rich Tapestry of History and Culture Pakistan, strategically nestled at the crossroads of South Asia, boasts a wealth of historical treasures, archaeological wonders, and breathtaking natural landscapes. Its cultural diversity, manmade landmarks, and architectural heritage are nothing short of remarkable. The UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Pakistan represent

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