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Destination Pakistan Guide

Victory Monument of Taj Mughal

Exploring the Majestic Victory Monument of Taj Mughal

Unveiling the Remarkable Tale of the 700-Year-Old Commemorative Tower in Gilgit, Pakistan

Nestled gracefully upon the southern mountains of Gilgit town, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan, stands the splendid Victory Monument of the Taj Mughal. Undoubtedly, the monument is a testament to history, triumph, and timeless beauty. With a history spanning over 700 years, this commemorative tower bears witness to the legacy of Taj-ud-Din Mughal. Taj-ud-Din was an Ismaili ruler from Badakhshan who graced Gilgit-Baltistan with his presence during the 13th century AD. Erected by his devoted soldiers, this monument stands tall at 21 feet and 10 inches, with a circumference of 14 feet and 4 inches, perpetuating the memory of his glorious victory.

Journey to the Past: Unveiling the Monument’s Origin

The Victory Monument of the Taj Mughal finds its sacred abode against the stunning backdrop of the southern mountains of Gilgit city. The Monument majestically sits about 1000 feet above Gilgit town. This awe-inspiring edifice not only oversees the enchanting villages of Gilgit and Danyore but also narrates a saga of victory and courage that continues to captivate the hearts of those who tread its path.

Unveiling the Pathways: A Scenic Staircase Adventure

Gone are the days of arduous treks and intricate routes. In order to promote history and tourism, access to the monument has been made easy. From the city center or the bus station, one can drive towards Serena Hotel in Jutial and follow the signboards leading to the hiking point. The monument is now reachable via a splendid flight of stairs, gracefully winding its way through rocky trails. These trails, adorned with the raw beauty of nature, create an immersive experience that heightens the anticipation of the forthcoming spectacle. As each step is taken, a sense of excitement and wonder builds, propelling us toward our destination.

Cycle Track Marvel: A Gateway from Barmas to Jutial

Adding to the allure of this journey is the newly constructed water channel Cycle Track, connecting Barmas to Jutial, Gilgit. One can do the monument from Barmas, the southern end of Gilgit, as well while enjoying the majestic views of Gilgit and surrounding valleys along the cycling trail. This ingeniously designed pathway presents an alternative route, one that promises a unique blend of adventure and tranquility.

Unveiling the Monument’s Grandeur
Architectural Resplendence: A Glimpse into the Monument’s Construction

Erected upon the ridge of the Rocky Mountains, the Victory Monument stands as an embodiment of architectural finesse. Crafted meticulously with local stone and clay, this circular tower resonates with the echoes of a bygone era. Yet, the passage of time has not been without its effects, as the monument’s structural integrity slowly wanes, hinting at the ephemeral nature of existence. Temporary support has been tendered to its base, while the southern façade bears the marks of weathering, urging for a much-needed restoration.

A Panoramic Tale: The Enchanting Vistas from the Monument’s Peak

Gazing from the heights of the Victory Monument, one is rewarded with an awe-inspiring panorama that unfurls before the eyes. Gilgit town, stretching from Bagrot in the east to Baseen in the west, is caressed by the winding embrace of the Gilgit River. The tower, known as “Shikaari” in the local Shina language, offers an unobstructed view of the surrounding valleys, cradled by vigilant mountain sentinels.

Embracing the Experience: Best Time & Route to Embark
Packing Essentials: The Checklist for a Memorable Voyage

The monument can be accessed at any time of the year. During peak summers, only early morning or late afternoon time is suggested to avoid heat. Preparation is the key to a fulfilling visit to the Victory Monument. As you tread upon the barren mountain terrain, remember to arm yourself with a water bottle, ensuring hydration amidst the arid landscape. Similarly, the scorching sun necessitates the application of sunburn cream, while sturdy shoes guarantee secure footing. Complete your ensemble with sunglasses, and a hat/cap, and equip yourself with a camera or cell phone to capture the moments that unfold.

Embarking Beyond: Exploring Gilgit’s Treasures

Beyond the resplendent Victory Monument, Gilgit extends an invitation to delve into its treasury of attractions. Venture into the embrace of ancient history as you encounter the 7th-century Karga Buddha, a silent sentinel of bygone times. In addition, Biddulph House, Hal Ga Naal, Hanzal Stupa, Gilgit Suspension Bridge, Chinar Bagh, Buddhist Rock Carvings, and the hiking track near KIU await your exploration. Each movement narrates a unique chapter in the tale of Gilgit’s legacy.

Charting Your Course: Navigating to Gilgit

Accessing Gilgit is a journey that intertwines with the thrill of the destination. Flights operate daily from Islamabad, weather permitting, offering a gateway to this realm of wonder. Likewise, roadways pave the way from Islamabad along the (Karakoram Highway) KKH and from Chitral via the Gilgit-Chitral road. While those journeying from Kashgar in China tread the path along the KKH—the months from May to mid-October emerge as the optimal time to embark on this odyssey.

Capturing Memories: The Must-Have Essentials

A pilgrimage to Gilgit demands thoughtful preparation. Ensure a water bottle accompanies you, quenching your thirst amid the landscapes. The embrace of the sun necessitates the shield of sunburn cream, while sturdy footwear guarantees steadfast steps. Moreover, bedecked with sunglasses and a hat, seize the moment with a camera or cell phone, encapsulating memories that endure.

The Victory Monument of Taj Mughal stands as a living testament to a bygone era. It proudly stands as a beacon of triumph that graces the mountains of Gilgit. As you traverse the path to this historical marvel, let the vistas of Gilgit and the tales.

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